Exodus 20:16; “Thou shalt not steal.”

The Lord’s directives are pretty straightforward. There’s no doubt Joe Smith didn’t get the memo, or he rationalized his ungodly behavior for the sake of himself and his god.

Today we’re looking at a few of the books that were easily available to Smith when he lived in Palmyra, NY. Like yesterday when we looked at the sources from where he retrieved info to plagiarize his vision, key portions of the following books can be found in the Book of Mormon. If you’re inspired of God to translate something, why are you stealing?


If you’re LDS you have to ask yourself, how many things must I accept as true when clearly they are not?!

If you’re LDS, we want you to know we don’t publish these things to bash you, or the Church. Rather, we do this because we feel you have the right to know, and be informed of who it is you’re worshiping!

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18


Book of Mormon and James Adair (History of the Indians)


Manuscript Found (Solomon Spaulding)

Rigdon lives within 15 miles of Pittsburgh where the book was published.


View of the Hebrews & the Book of Mormon (Ethan Smith)

Joseph Smith lived within 20 miles of the book’s publication.


Wonders of Nature (Josiah Priest)

Published in Albany, NY which is 206 miles away from where Smith lives.


 American Antiquities (Josiah Priest)

American Antiquities publishes article written by Josiah Priest stating “The opinion that the American Indians are descendants of the lost 10  tribes is now a popular one and generally believed”.

Published in Albany, NY which is 206 miles from Palmyra, NY.