Four Mormon Lies about Israel’s Kingdoms

11 November

Divided Kingdom of IsraelWhen I left Mormonism, I had little to no knowledge about the kingdom of Israel’s history. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I knew Israel was in the Middle East and that was about the sum of it.

Making matters worse, what I thought I did know was wrong. All of it; i.e. Jesus being born in Jerusalem v. Bethlehem (Alma 7:10).

So today we’re having a little history lesson to clear things up. As you’re well aware, Mormonism teaches one thing, and the Bible another. We’re taking a quick look at what a couple of well respected Mormons have taught in the book they wrote we’ve mentioned below to compare it with God’s word!

Lie #1

The Words of the Twelve Prophets: Messages to the Latter-day Saints, p. 11;

“After the division of the two nations, following the reign of Solomon, the northern nation was known and called by the name of Ephraim.”

The Northern Kingdom was referred to as Israel and the Southern Kingdom was called Judah. The problem with this is how the Church uses their book in their own teaching manuals!

Lie #2

“As the ten tribes were taken into the north, Ephraim particularly was scattered among the nations of the earth and today is being gathered out. A study of this time period is a study of our people.”

The Ten Tribes were already in the north, hence the name, the Northern Kingdom. At the time of the Assyrian takeover c. BC 734, the Israelites were taken captive, deliberately scattered, and put into forced labor.

During the melee, some Israelites made their way south, and were assimilated into the Kingdom of Judah, strengthening Judah’s army. See Bible Study Tools website here.

Lie #3

“The second time period is of equal importance…the prophet Lehi was called out of Jerusalem; he and his partner in travel, Ishmael, represent both tribes of Joseph—Manasseh and Ephraim—to whom this great land of the Americas was given…”

First of all, no one with the name of Ishmael was part of the tribes of Manasseh, or Ephraim.

Secondly, this contradicts what the Church has historically claimed. Smith always taught the Nephites landed in North America. How could all of the Americas be the ‘land of promise’, if North America was the promised land?

Lie #4

“The background of Palestine acquaints us with the prophecies regarding the future gathering to that land. Members of the Church are primarily of the blood of Ephraim. As the birthright holder, Ephraim is responsible for the gathering of the ten thousands of Ephraim and the thousands of Manasseh upon the American continent…The Prophet Joseph Smith taught:

‘You know there has been great discussion in relation to Zion—where it is, and where the gathering of the dispensation is, and which I am now going to tell you…The whole of America is Zion itself from north to south…’” – Monte S. Nyman, Farres H. Nyman

The background of Palestine is essential indeed! Please, if you’re LDS, become so acquainted with Palestine’s history, that you won’t be gullible to fantasy tales like the Church is trying to pawn off on unsuspecting members – you!

A couple of years ago Melissa and I followed along in the LDS OT Sunday School Lessons the Church produced. The link for this particular lesson (#7) is here. It gives a very brief analysis of what happened to the tribe of Ephraim in the light of Palestine’s history. As many of you know, the tribe of Ephraim was wiped out because of their idolatry.

How could Mormons be from that tribe if 1.Most are not Jewish, and 2.The tribe doesn’t exist today?

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