Foundation-for-a-better-life 2Have you ever watched something on TV such as a news program or commercial and something just didn’t seem to “pass the smell test”? Well, I had such a moment as I was sitting in front of the television today. You’ve all probably seen those commercials about kindness, compassion, honesty, integrity, etc. and at the end telling you to “pass it on”.

After watching one of these commercials today I decided look up the organization that puts out these advertisements. After a little digging I’m sorry to say these touchy-feely TV spots are in fact, Mormon based. These ads are produced by Bonneville Communications, which is owned by the Mormon Church, and the president of the organization, Gary Dixon is a member the Mormon Church.

If you go to you can see some of their commercials, and learn more about this organization. When I began seeing these commercials not long ago they had a Mormon feel to them, at least to me, but at the time I didn’t think much of it. When I initially looked at their site I saw nothing that was a red flag to me, there was nothing that said they were affiliated with the Mormon Church.

While we may see things on TV making us feel all warm and fuzzy, we can’t always trust those feelings. Sometimes I wish the body of Christ would come out with commercials like the Mormons do, stressing the importance of family, and godly values. Then I think, why do we need that? We have the Holy Spirit guiding us, and every new believer who comes to the Lord. We don’t need a new shtick every couple of years, or to reinvent ourselves every decade, depending on what society is thinking to be relevant.

When I saw the commercial today I immediately felt the need to look up this organization, which leads me to believe this is something the Lord wanted me to share with all of you. Don’t be fooled by something that sounds Christian, use your discernment.

In Christ,

Melissa Grimes