Will You Kill Your Neighbor to Save Them? 

Journal of Discourses 4:220; “Will you love your brothers or sisters likewise, when they have committed a sin that cannot be atoned for without the shedding of their blood? Will you love that man or woman well enough to shed their blood? That is what Jesus Christ meant. He never told a man or woman to love their enemies in their wickedness, never.”

Just wait…it gets worse… 

“This is loving our neighbour as ourselves; if he needs help, help him; and if he wants salvation and it is necessary to spill his blood on the earth in order that he may be saved, spill it. Any of you who understand the principles of eternity, if you have sinned a sin requiring the shedding of blood, except the sin unto death, would not be satisfied nor rest until your blood should be spilled, that you might gain that salvation you desire. That is the way to love mankind.” – Brigham Young, Salt Lake City, February 8, 1857

Does this sound like the words of an inspired prophet of God? 

First of all your blood will never atone for your sin. If you didn’t live in the OT time period and take sacrifices to the temple for the priest to offer on the altar for you then your only other option is to believe in Christ Jesus’ blood! There is absolutely nothing you can do to atone for your sin!!! 

If you “spill someone’s blood” this is nothing short of murder and punishable by the laws of the land. It’s not only against the laws of God but the laws of the country you live in. Why would you think this is acceptable and where is God in your life to think this way??? 

Are these the words of an inspired prophet or a deranged man? 

Killing people is not loving them! Besides all that there is nothing short of blaspheming the Holy Ghost that Jesus won’t forgive you for! Jesus would never tell you to shed someone’s blood – never. And Jesus did tell us to love our enemies. (Matt. 5:43-45)  Their wickedness is no business of yours. It’s one thing to identify that someone is sinning or living an ungodly lifestyle. You live in the world but are not of the world! (1 John 2:15, Romans 12:2)  If someone you know is totally abandoning God, you don’t have to associate yourself with them. It’s quite another to mock the words of Jesus and mislead people by telling them Jesus didn’t tell you to love your enemies.