Polygamy or Nothing at All

Millennial Star, No. 43, Vol. 27, pgs 675-676; “We have shown that in requiring the relinquishment of polygamy, they ask the renunciation of the entire faith of this people. No sophistry can get out of this. “Mormonism” is true in every leading doctrine, or it is false as a system altogether…The childish babble about another revelation is only an evidence how half informed men can talk. The “Mormons” have either to spurn their religion and their God, and sink self-damned in the eyes of all civilization…–“Mormonism” in its entirety the revelation of God, or nothing at all…those who so unwisely seek to stir up the Government to wrath, will yet learn there is but one solution of the “Mormon” problem – “Mormonism” allowed in its entirety, or “Mormonism” wiped out in blood.” – Brigham Young, Saturday, October 28, 1865


All the threats of bloodshed from the pulpit serve only one purpose. To hold those in the audience captive to a life lived in fear.

1. Where was the bloodshed when the Second Manifesto was signed and agreed to?

2. Why is Mormonism still around since you denounced polygamy? 

3. Does the Church still claim Mormonism is false as a system? The answer to that is of course not!  Have the Mormons spurned their religion and their god? 

4. Young claimed Mormonism in its entirety was a revelation from God or nothing at all. Is it still a revelation from God?