Godhood Means Salvation

Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, pg. 153; “Each command we obey sends us another rung up the ladder to perfected manhood and toward godhood; and every law disobeyed is a sliding toward the bottom where man merges into the brute world.”




Every single thing a Mormon does in his/her life is because they feel they’re working their way to becoming a god or goddess someday. Without this achievement there is no true salvation for the Mormon. Sadly they don’t trust anything from the Bible unless their inspired leaders have given them the okay to believe little passages here and there. And they typically don’t trust information from any outsiders.

Imagine isolating yourself and then believing that if you’re not perfect you keep sliding down to hell. 

Living a righteous life is admirable, but living righteously apart from God and believing you’re going to heaven is fooling yourself.