Enos 1:21; “And it came to pass that the people of Nephi did till the land, and raiseall manner of grain, and of fruit, and flocks of herds, and flocks of all manner of cattle of every kind, and goats, and wild goats and also many horse.”





Now in the above description provided by the Church, you’d have to believe the Nephites had all types of grains; rice included.

If someone in the Church tells you there is no proof they had rice ask them what grain exactly they are talking about.  Have them be specific, just as the Bible is!

It is a known fact that rice didn’t make an arrival to the Americas until 1694.  It was imported through Madagascar and grown primarily in South Carolina and Georgia where there was an abundance of slaves.  The slave owners did this purposefully as they knew full well they’d have someone to cultivate this crop at a prolific rate considering the slaves already knew how to grow rice.  (20)

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