Ether 9:17-18; “Having all manner of fruit, and of grain, and of silks, and of fine linen, and of gold, and of silver, and of precious things;18 And also all manner of cattle, of oxen, and cows, and of sheep, and of swine, and of goats, and also many other kinds of animals which were useful for the food of man.”




The reason I bring up the subject of millet is because of what the Book of Mormon claims they used.  As you can see in the passage above they claim they grew grains of all kinds.  Millet is a grain that has been around since BC 4,500 so it stands to reason they would have this on hand coming from the Middle East.  (17)

Yet once again here we see how the experts from the Church speculate on what Smith may have meant when he “translated” the plates while downplaying a written work by Deanne Matheny about the topography of the Tehuantepec Geography called “Does the Shoe Fit?”  In FARMS review of Books, vol. 6, no. 1 (1994): pg. 337 it says;

“…millet, introduced by the Spaniards in Yucatan and said in the sixteenth century to grow “marvelously well,” could not be located at all in the Carnegie Institution’s botanical inventory of the area early this century. The same might have been the case with the seeds brought with Lehi’s party and planted (but, realize, only after at least nine years of being hoarded through the Arabian desert; they may or may not have been healthy by then, and the new moist tropical environment would hardly welcome desertic Near Eastern grains). Yet realize that nothing is said in the text about the species those seeds represented…”

It is one thing to have to defend the works of what you believe in, but why do you have to defend every single thing that continually defies logic and the historical truth?  While mankind will never be able to explain every single thing in the Bible, I believe there’s a huge difference between taking what God says on faith and because He’s proven Himself time and again; to defending things over and over that never prove themselves to be true at all.  It must be exhausting to say the least.

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