Trusting Scripture or Man?

Church News, June 20, 1992; “The most reliable way to measure the accuracy of any biblical passage is not by comparing different texts, but by comparison with the Book of Mormon and modern-day revelations.” – “Letter Reaffirms Use of King James Version of Bible”, Presidents Benson, Hinckley and Monson

Matthew 5:18; “For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.”

When Jesus Himself said that not one jot or tittle would pass away what does it mean for you and for me?

Does it mean that by some ingenious stroke of luck Joseph Smith just so happened to be born at a specific time to come in and save the day for all of humanity?

Or could Jesus’ promise to us be the miraculous work of God in that He preserved His word and His Son came at the appointed time to save humanity?

Why did God go to all the trouble of sending His Son if people had to wait for Smith to come along to gain real truth?

The Book of Mormon has proven itself to be unreliable on many fronts. There’s no archaeological proof and language patterns are out of context.  While the BoM uses Greek and Latin, the use of each predates the initial use of Koine Greek, circa 326 BC (not by average citizens but rulers), and Latin which was used as early as the Roman Republic in 510 BC.

The use of French in the book of Jacob is another indication something is amiss. French was first used at the far western regions of the European Continent around 700 AD and Jacob lived circa 421 BC. 

By that time the Nephites had sailed to America and left ancient Israel by 600 BC. This doesn’t take into account the Jaredites who supposedly lived circa 2200 BC, some 1,700 years before Latin was first used.