Bible has Errors, Book of Mormon does not

The Joseph Smith Translation, p. 12; “…the Book of Mormon remains secure, unchanged and unchangeable, a firm and steady witness of Christ and his doctrine. The Book of Mormon has been, is now, and will forever remain secure in the hands of the servants of the Lord, for which we are immeasurably grateful. But with the Bible it was not and is not so. It is now in the hands of intellectuals and unbelievers and ministers whose delight it is to twist and pervert its doctrines and to spiritualize away the plain meanings of all its important parts. And it once was in the sole and exclusive care and custody of an abominable organization, founded by the devil himself, likened prophetically unto a great whore, whose great aim and purpose was to destroy the souls of men in the name of religion.” – Monte S. Nyman, Charles D. Tate, Jr.

The Book of Mormon has seen close to 4,000 grammatical and/or textual changes to it since the first publication in 1830.

The Bible has been proven trustworthy time and again and most recently through the Dead Sea Scrolls found in a Qumran cave in 1947.

Be specific with your Mormon friends and loved ones. Ask them to show you from an independent source who mistranslated the Bible and when.