World to be Subdued under Smith

Editor of the Pittsburgh Gazette (New York Spectator [New York City], 23 September 1843); “We spent about an hour conversing on various subjects, the prophet himself, with amazing volubility, occupying the most of the time, and his whole theme was himself. Let us give what turn we would to the conversation, he would adroitly bring it back to himself…Running on in his voluble style, he said: ‘The world persecutes me, it has always persecuted me…They thought to put me down, but they haven’t succeeded, and they can’t do it. When I have proved that I am right, and get all the world subdued under me, I think I shall deserve something.”

Oh you’re deserving of something all right Mr. Smith.  Unfortunately, countless members of the LDS Church have believed in this man and continue to do so even today. My mother is just one of those unsuspecting people who’ve lived their entire life with unwavering loyalty to this man.

Notice what the reporter of Smith’s day had to say about him. Now while the Church will tell you they’ve been persecuted from day one, I want to point out that even the people of his day knew he was a charlatan.   

Nine months after the prophet bragged to the reporter of how wonderful he was and that nobody would “put him down”, he was actually killed in a gunfight at Carthage jail in June 1844.