False Prophecies for Mormon’s First Apostles #4

03 August

History of the Church 2:190-191; “William E. M’Lellin’s Blessing: In the name of the Lord, wisdom and intelligence shall be poured out upon him, toWilliam E McLellin enable him to perform the great work that is incumbent upon him: that he may be spared until the Saints are gathered; that he may stand before kings and rulers to bear testimony, and be upheld by holy angels; and the nations of the earth shall acknowledge that God has sent him; he shall have power to overcome his enemies; and his life shall be spared in the midst of pestilence and destruction, and in the midst of his enemies. He shall be a prince and savior to God’s people. The tempter shall not overcome him, nor his enemies prevail against him; the heavens shall be opened unto him, as unto men in days of old. He shall be mighty in the hands of God, and shall convince thousands that God has sent him; and his days may be prolonged until the coming of the Son of Man. He shall be wafted as on eagles’ wings, from country to country, and from people to people; and be able to do wonders in the midst of this generation. Even so. Amen.”

1 Corinthians 15:33; “Be not deceived; evil communications corrupt good manners.”

All righty, let’s take a look at the false prophecies in this excerpt of church history because there are more than a few. As you’ll see, our Bible verse for today is fitting on both sides of history!

The claim to fame for McLellin, albeit a posthumous one at that, has been the subject matter for many in the world of Mormonism. His name sat on the back burner for all but Mormon historians, until it rocketed into instant notoriety 100 years after his death, thanks only to Mark Hoffman.

Mark Hoffman Salamander LetterAfter tricking church authorities several times he had papers casting Joe Smith in a bad light, he was able to finagle thousands of dollars out of them when they bought the papers to keep the info out of the public eye. One set of papers included the writings of Wm. McLellin, our subject matter today.

As time went by the gig was up and when he thought people were going to snitch on him, he blew them up, killing two people. He was nothing more than a homegrown terrorist of the 1980’s.

Moving forward…why was this prayer for McLellin a blessing? Why are lies poured forth upon your head considered to be some grand thing? If I was the recipient of these prayers I certainly wouldn’t feel blessed. Would you?

We found 11 specific lies in his ‘blessing’ we’ve listed below –

1.McLellin was excommunicated from the Church in May 1838 for apostasy and didn’t see the fulfillment of any prophetic blessings that were bestowed upon him.

2.He didn’t stand before kings and rulers.

3.He wasn’t upheld by any angel because he denounced Mormonism.

4.McLellin didn’t overcome his enemies as the Saints kept marching on.

5.He wasn’t a prince or savior to God’s people.

6.He was overcome by the tempter when he left ‘the one and only true church’. McLellin is still looked upon as a traitor in Mormon historical briefs.

7.The heavens weren’t opened up to him as in the days of old.

8.He didn’t convince thousands of people about the Mormon god.

9.McLellin died in 1883, and didn’t live to see Jesus’ 2nd coming.

10.There’s no record of McLellin being ‘wafted on the wings of eagles’.

11.There’s no record of McLellin performing works of wonder in the midst of his generation.

In the aftermath of events from both centuries, all that’s left to witness is the total depravity of man. The Church’s false prophecies given to McLellin, and then their constant state of fear in looking bad in public can only mean one thing.

None of this is from the Lord. This isn’t how God operates. And it most certainly doesn’t bring people to Him.

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