‘Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.’ John 15:13

Today we’re taking a brief break from all things Mormon in order to bring attention to a few facts about the important holiday America is acknowledging this weekend: Memorial Day!

Throughout history, people have participated in yearly celebrations honoring deceased loved ones. As early as BC 431, ancient Greeks were bedecking graves in commemoration of those who died, along with military heroes of the day. America’s not alone in her dedications as we see countries all over the world doing the same.

Here are a few quick facts about Memorial Day, and the price America’s paid in the 243 years she’s been in existence –

From 1775 – 2018, the United States of America has been involved in 25 wars. Some have been referred to as conflicts, but for the sake of argument here, we’re referring to them as ‘wars’.

During that time, thousands have given their lives for the sake of obtaining, and/or keeping America free.

Here are a few quick facts about Memorial Day, and the price America’s paid in the 243 years she’s been in existence.

Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day, and celebrated on May 30th.




Waterloo, NY is the official town holding the title of ‘The Birthplace of Memorial Day’.




In 2000, congress passed a law that all Americans stop what they’re doing at 3 pm on Memorial Day to honor all our fallen men and women who served in wartime.



More than 25,000 people died for the cause of freedom in America’s 1st war, (Revolutionary War).




The Civil War was the costliest, both financially, and in lives. More than 620,000 people died to end slavery. There were more deaths in the Civil War than all other wars combined from that point on.



In WWI & WW2, a total of 521,915 people died.





Overall, there have been 1,306,026 people who’ve given their all for this country, and that’s something to thank God for every day!




 Numbers included in the totals do not represent our precious Missing in Action citizens.

As we fire up the grills to prepare our favorite foods, stop to thank our Lord and God for the precious gift He’s afforded to us – the men and women who valiantly served!

Many celebrate all veterans on this day, however, the real meaning is intended to honor veterans who have died. A holiday to celebrate our veterans is held yearly in November. In 2018 it’ll be November 12th.

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor. 1:18