mailbag2Here at the ministry the Lord has blessed me with the best job I could’ve ever dreamt of having.

We/I get to minister to people leaving Mormonism by introducing them to a local church in their area in addition to leading Bible studies and providing mentors to those who request someone.

Well the other day I received an e-mail from a very sweet woman named Diane who wrote to tell me about her experience at the Christian bible study she attended earlier that evening.

Diane had written to us a couple of weeks ago to let us know she had used the resignation sample letter on the site and was going to be mailing the letter the next day.

I contacted her, told her that we’d be praying for her and to let us know how things were going. We exchanged a couple of e-mails and I recommended a church for her in the area she lives in and the note I received earlier this week is what I’m sharing here!

I’ve no doubt you’ll be praising the Lord with me as you read about her experience!  Life is about to be an incredible ride as she learns how to praise Him during the troubling times and how to just rest Jesus during the calm times of life.  Thank You Jesus!  Come alongside us and continue to lift Diane in prayer as she embarks upon her new life in the Lord!

With Love in Christ;


Jude 1:24-25


I went to the Bible Study tonight.  Ok, Bible Study, read the Bible, discuss it,
understand it, right,——-Wrong.  I have never heard such deep heart prayers.
The prayers were genuine, soft, from the heart.   Just like a personal prayer,
not sounding rehearsed, God was even thanked for the windy day and leaves
blowing.  That is something I do when just talking to him, not in a prayer.
It was wonderful.

The women talked together and laughed together and shared.  The
lesson was controlled yet so natural as if it were an everyday part of
their lives.

I just am not doing the night justice.  It was awesome good.

Life is funny sometimes.  I feel that I was truly directed by God to find you and
go to _____.

Let me correct something, they did discuss the Bible, this time the lesson was
Discontent, and lessons applied to us today.

Thank You,