Exit Story of an Ex-Mormon

27 October


I discovered your site yesterday and I’ve read some of the articles.  I’m at work, so I will keep this short.  I just wanted to give you a quick summary of how I was saved.  In July of 2012 I was feeling suicidal.  Everything that I had ever done wrong as well as everything others had done wrong to me seemed to all come to a point at once.  I felt worthless.  I had a couple of customers talking about suicide as well, which didn’t help my cause.  I decided then that I was going to end it.  I bought some over the counter sleeping pills and combined them with my anti-depressants (about 30 or so) and took them all together.  I couldn’t breath and I got scared and had my wife drive me to the hospital. I was there 3 days.  I started praying asking God to help me.

About 2 weeks later, I met a Christian woman at work named _____.  ______ began to witness to me.  Later on, I found out that she felt drawn to me by God.  ______ helped me get into a 12-step program for codependency and there I started learing about a Higher Power.  Through ______ and through CoDA meetings, I determined that their view of a Higher Power and my Mormon view were in conflict with one another.

______ invited me to read my Bible and for the first time it started making sense.  About six month later, I told her I was ready to leave the LDS church and asked her where a good church to attend was.  She pointed me to ______ where ______ is the campus Pastor.  I e-mailed _____ after attending service on ______ and he called me the next day.

_____ and I spoke for around an hour.  ____ invited me to surrender to Christ and accept him into my life.  He explained why Mormonism is at conflict with traditional Christianity.  I prayed.  I don’t remember everything I said in that prayer, but I remember surrendering to Christ.  I remember saying that the Mormon Christ is not the Christ of the Bible.

The next day, I woke up and felt clean.  I felt something like I’d never felt before.  I felt an energy come over me.  This didn’t go away for over a month.  I asked Pastor _____ about it and he said that I should not trust my feelings, but prove everything with the Bible.  I told him, I know what the Bible is saying is true.  He said that he didn’t discount my feelings, and he said it was Heavenly Father talking to me.  He simply said that I should not trust my feelings alone.

I told _____ about this and she said that it was genuine of _____ to do this because he didn’t use my feelings to manipulate me into following him.  ______ and I were good friends and it caused problems with my wife.  _____ suggested ______ and I part ways, so we did.  We never talk now, which hurts, but it’s for the best.

on June 9, 2013, I was baptized as a Christian.  I’ve only missed 3 days of church since and I’m involved in a weekly Bible study.  The energy I felt comes and goes.  My wife and six kids (who live at home, I have 8) are still LDS but slowing coming around.

I feel right now, if I were to lose everything else, including my family, that I would still have Christ.  I am saved and I feel at peace right now as I write these words to you.  I feel better now that I left the LDS church.  I still get depressed and anxious, I have PTSD.  But it’s easier to cope with now.  I don’t beat myself up now when I make mistakes or for the mistakes I’ve made in the past.

I hope that this story will help others who are contemplating leaving Mormonism.  I simply ask that you omit names of people and of my church or change them if you reprint this.  I don’t want to embarrass ______ or _____ and if you use my name, people who know my story will know of whom I talk.

One last thing.  I would like for my wife and ______ to be friends one day.  _____ was a very good influence on me.  I ask please that you pray that God can work this miracle if it’s His will.  I ask please that you pray for my family to come to know the true Christ of the Bible.

Thank you,

Name and city withheld

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