I grew up in a house mixed religion house, My Father’s family are all Roman Catholic very devout, however my Father, and Grandfather renounced the Catholic Church in the 1960’s and joined the communist party, my Father was communist until the day he died. My Mother was Anglican. Religion was never discussed in the home.

I was going through a difficult time in my teens as we lived in a particularly rough area; I wanted something more and always felt that there was something missing.  My Peers were getting pregnant and into crime and drugs, I thought to myself there must be more to life than this.

When I was about twelve I attended the Local Church of England for a while and asked the Rector (Minister) how do you get to know God? He said that I didn’t need to worry about things like that at such a young age. I got disillusioned with mainstream religion. However at the age of 12 I started studying various religions for a childcare course and we had to study different religions and how they affect the development of a child’s upbringing. I lived a few minutes walk away from the UK headquarters of Mormon Church, in Solihull West midlands. I wrote and asked for leaflets and within a short space of time two young men appeared on my doorstep.

Within a few weeks of studying I was baptised into the LDS Church.  I officially joined up at 16 years of age! I was teaching in primary; attending to young woman, and every social function, the Church was my life I loved the people and I loved the then prophet Ezra Taft Benson. My Bishop said that I was a Shining example to everyone and a credit to the Church.

A couple of years afters after joining the Church I came across “One of those born again” which my home teacher had warned me about their “demon possessed” he used to say. Anyway this man called Barrie knew that I was a Mormon and told that Mormons believe that Jesus was a polygamist married to Mary Martha and Mary Magdalene, and also that the Church wouldn’t ordain black men to the priesthood until 1978 and that Mormons believed that  black people were inferior to white people.  I didn’t believe this man and thought that he was lying I went over to the stake presidents (area leader) house as he lived a few streets away and I was friendly with his daughter. I expected him to deny these terrible allegations he said that it was true The Church did teach these things but we don’t like to make this knowledge public.
I stopped attending for a few weeks only to be visited every night by the missionary Chaps. I kept thinking to myself why would a Christian teach be racist?

I went back into the Church for a while tried to be a faithful Mormon, Kept faithful did all the right things lived every area of the gospel faithfully. Then I started to do genealogical research and I thought about my Grandfather being baptised by proxy and then it dawned on me the futile of this practise. My Grandfather was an atheist and a communist who wouldn’t want anything to do with God!

Anyway a few weeks went by and a documentary was on the TV it showed how Joseph Smith was a False prophet the Book of Mormon is a hoax, that Joseph Smith  was a polygamist and liked sexual relationships with teenage girls.

I was utterly devastated and decided to leave, I wrote to my Bishop who refused my request.
I was constantly visited by Missionaries home teachers etc. Although I would like to point out I was always treated with respect and kindness never once was I abused or threatened in anyway.

I left the Mormon Church I didn’t belong in it but I didn’t belong outside of it and I couldn’t cope with life on the “outside”. I drank heavily and sadly became an alcoholic as a result; I had several disastrous relationships one with a man who beat to inches of my life. I had a huge void in my life and didn’t know how to fill it.

I studied various religions, including Spiritualism, Hare Krishna, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Unitarian, and Islam. Then one day I was walking past a Baptist Church and heard the worship I went in and sat down. Someone sat beside me so I was corned I couldn’t get out then the pastor said, If you were to die tonight do you know we here you would spend eternity? I thought to myself I was A Mormon for four years and not once was I sure on whether I was good enough to return to Heavenly Fathers presence. I though no I don’t I hope I could go to heaven I thought. Well the pastor put a video and basically it presented the true Gospel good news not bad it stated that all those who admit that they are guilty sinners, deserving to go hell, because we all are not one of us is sinless. Then if we accept Jesus death on the Cross at Calvary to pay for our sins trust in him as Lord and Saviour and rely on his shed blood alone. If we ask him into our life then we can be sure that our eternal life is secure in him because of what he did for us at Calvary nothing of what we can do. Mormons works and do good things in order to get saved. Christians obey God out of Love we work because we are saved not in order to get saved.

March 1996 I asked the Lord Jesus to be my Lord and Saviour, I repented of my sin;  and not once has he let me down. I am now married with a two year old son, My husband and I have a thriving ministry in which we have helped scores of people trapped in cults come to faith in the Real Lord Jesus Christ. If I go to sleep tonight and don’t wake up I know that I will spend eternity in heaven with The Lord Jesus Christ. Mormonism has no common ground with Biblical Christianity. Please research carefully what I am saying find out the truth, for yourself; Joseph Smith cannot offer you eternal life; there is only one hope Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. You only get one life and then it is too late, you will not get another chance, man is appointed to die once and face judgement. Please don’t waste your life and your eternal future on a false religion and a false prophet.

God bless and thank you for reading this if you ever want to talk please get in touch.