Every Bible Verse Corrupted According to Mormons

31 January
Orson PrattThe Seer, p. 213; “..The Bible has been robbed of its plainness; many sacred books having been lost .. what few we have left,  were copied and re-copied so many times, that  it it is admitted that almost  every verse  has been corrupted  and mutilated to that degree  that scarcely any two of them read alike. .. all we have left are  mutilated copies containing an incredible number of contradictory readings.”

bible 3

Proverbs 26:24-25  “He that hateth dissembleth with his lips, and layeth up deceit within him; 25 When he speaketh fair, believe him not: for there are seven abominations in his heart.”

Take special note to the sequence of events that God reveals in Proverbs. First – when someone hates, he disassembles his target with his mouth. Second – the lies inside his heart will be revealed. Third – when he says nice things after speaking hatred, you mustn’t believe him because they’re all lies.

God may seem like He’s nit-picky, but when you dig into His word, a wealth of insider info will protect you!

You may be asking why we pull quotes made by Mormons who lived more than a hundred years ago…

The reason we do this is to show the unbroken chain of behavioral problems Mormonism seems to be plagued with.

The Church is always looking for new ways to market their hatred of Christianity, and knows no bounds of where, or even when to stop.

Their latest ploy is seen in the way they flood the airwaves with their fancy Ancestry.com ads. These ads remind me of their ‘I’m a Mormon’ campaignfrom a few  years back (2011). It’s too bad they don’t include the nasty things their leaders are still saying about God and Christianity today. The latest comment came less than a month ago when one of their apostles, Jeffrey Holland, said that Christians have ‘sown terrible confusion and near fatal error’ for the past 2,000 years.

The snide remark about the Christian God being incomprehensible was actually incompatible with the way we’re instructed to behave towards other Christians –1 John 2:9. The clean-cut, well kempt looking man in the suit has a heart full of lies and hatred.

‘We agree with our critics on at least that point—that such a formulation for divinity is incomprehensible.’

Still another example is seen in the free Bible ad campaign that flooded every television screen for a few years. One of the visitors who comments on our blog wondered if the Church is pulling a bait and switch with that ad.  My answer? Yes! Yes, they are, and it’s a deliberate ploy to reel people in, so watch out!

Our hearts are broken for Mormons who haven’t seen the animosity in the doctrines of their church, and for those who can’t see the truth of what God has revealed in His word. The darkness hiding in their hearts is a heavy load to carry – and I personally know this from past experience. For 30 years I had a love-hate attitude towards all Christians. All that time I was a professing member of the Mormon Church.

What we pray Mormons will see is how God promised us that His word will never change in Isaiah 40:8. Why aren’t Mormons using their money and talent to proclaim what the Bible tells us?

Other questions we have for today –

If you’re a Christian, why are you trying to convert other Christians into your church?

The body of Christ accepts and welcomes with open arms all of their brothers and sisters in Christ. The name over the doorways aren’t meant to be used for shunning each other!

If you’re a Christian, why are you attacking other Christians?

When I see Christian ads on television they proclaim Jesus, and many times you won’t know what specific Christian church they belong to because Jesus is their focus, not the people. In sharp contrast is a comment about the ‘I’m a Mormon’ ad campaign on the Church’s website stating –

‘The mormon.org website, first launched in 2001, was overhauled in 2010 to make individual Church members the focus. …’ – [emp. mine]


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