Chants and Costumes

In this 30 second snapshot of what goes on in the Mormon temple ceremonies we see what it means to be in a cult.

Group chanting a proscribed script by rote is nothing more than mind control and a way to put participants into a mind numbing sense of being.

The spiritual ramifications of this should be noted and taken seriously. While it looks silly to the outsider (and it is) the consequences are huge. The more spiritual junk you place upon your soul by participating in these things takes you further and further away from God.

In the New Testament we see in Hebrews 7:20-22 that Jesus’ priesthood superseded even the duties of the Levitical priesthood which were made without an oath. If Jesus is the better testament to what could any oath compare?

We also see Peter’s great mistake of oath taking and how it took him down a road of denying our Lord. The first time was his seemingly nonchalant denial of acknowledging Jesus. The second denial was taken with an oath and the third was with a bitter curse that he didn’t know Jesus at all. Matthew 26:69-75

When we pray we’re to do it in private – God will know and hear our call. Doing such a thing in a repetitive manner is for the sake of man, not God.