My name is Emily Broyles and my husband, Paul, and our 4 children have been attending FBC regularly since January 2006.  The next few months I am going to be sharing some important facts about the Mormon Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or LDSChurch) with the intent of helping you see the real threat Mormonism poses to Christianity.


Our parents, all raised in Southern Baptist/Methodist homes/churches, all converted to Mormonism in the 1970’s and became devout adherents raising us to be devout Mormons also.  I tell you these details so you can better grasp the threat Mormonism is to good Christians.  Our parents are good people but their decisions to join Mormonism led their combined 9 children and current 26 grandchildren away from the true Jesus!  My husband and I were married in the Chicago LDS temple in 1994.  And together we set out to raise a nice Mormon family.  We did our best to fulfill all the requirements to be “good Mormons”.  BUT one day early in 2005 our lives were changed FOREVER!


Paul was looking for something on the internet about his favorite TV show (Stargate SG1) and somehow landed on a University web page staring at a familiar looking Egyptian Papyrus.  He recognized the pictures from The Book of Abraham, one of the Mormon scriptures.  At first he thought he discovered something new that could be used to prove the Mormon Church was the “one true church” but upon further investigation discovered the Mormon Church had known about this “discovery” for the past 40 years and had done their best to hide and minimize it.  We were life-long, active members and never heard of The Book of Abraham “problem”.  (I will further explain The Book of Abraham in the future.)    This “discovery” led to 6 months of further “discoveries” for Paul and extreme strain on our marriage.


Mormons are taught to avoid “anti-Mormon” or Christian literature so I refused to look at anything Paul brought home, let alone discuss “it”.  In April, Paul asked Jesus into his heart and pleaded with Him to get me to listen.  Then after the birth of our 4th baby in June ’05 our stress came to a head and I knew I had to make a choice.  Praise the Lord I chose to LISTEN!  We spent the summer reading and talking and growing together.  In September, we quit attending the Mormon Church and on September 20th I said the Sinner’s Prayer (something I had never even heard of as a Mormon) and gave my life to the Lord.  In October, I got to strengthen my “relying on Him” muscles because we officially left the Mormon Church and informed all our loved ones of our findings and decisions.  This meant many broken relationships and extreme criticism from our family.  But despite the pain we have never regretted our decision to leave the darkness of Mormonism and come into the Light of our Savior Jesus Christ.  Our God is SOOOOO worth it!    Now I’m on a mission—a mission to help people avoid Satan’s trap of Mormonism!

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