Elizabeth Smart, Mormonism and Polygamous Revelations

26 May

Yesterday, Brian David Mitchell was sentenced to life in prison for the abduction and rape of Elizabeth Smart in 2002.   Let me make it perfectly clear before I begin here; I cannot condone anything Mitchell did to Elizabeth Smart.  I can’t imagine the horror she must have lived through day in and day out for nine months.

During this whole ordeal I was working with Ed Decker @ Saints Alive and we prayed for this girl’s safe return every day.  I rejoice she was able to be reunited with her family and continue to pray for her to be healed from this horrific ordeal.

The other part of me feels sorry for Elizabeth Smart and the other Mormons who cannot see the reasoning in Mitchell’s mind.  What he did was a gross perversion as Mr. Smart told Mitchell in court yesterday, but it  shouldn’t be unexpected.

Mitchell’s obviously dealing with some mental issues and the perverted Mormon theology of believing you can become a god with a harem of wives is fertile ground for someone in Mitchell’s condition to live out a surreal fantasy in real life.

The Mormon prophet Spencer Kimball reiterated previous prophet’s claims that man cannot be saved without personal revelation  (New Era August 1981, pg. 4) so this shouldn’t come as a surprise that someone would have a personal revelation to start his own god world here.  This really isn’t a whole lot different from what Smith did back in the early nineteenth century.  There are countless examples of how important personal revelation is to the Mormon people.  The Encyclopedia of Mormonism, pg. 1226 says this;

“After baptism and confirmation, each member has the right, when worthy, to the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost (see –>Gift of the Holy Ghost). Through that companionship all the gifts of the Spirit are revealed to faithful individuals, who accomplish their mortal works in righteousness through the gifts and power of God revealed to and through them (Moro. 10:25). “

The people of Mormonism are appalled at Mitchell’s behavior and rightly so, but now we’re praying they not only condemn his actions but the actions of their past and present leaders as well.

For more about this story visit ABC News here


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