Eleven Witnesses to the Book of Mormon – Mormon Quotes

Oliver Cowdery; Oliver Cowdery was excommunicated from the Church on Friday, April 12, 1838 by a church court along with the Whitmers (his brothers-in-law), Hiram Page and William Phelps. (Far West Records for the LDS Church for April 3, 1838)

Martin Harris; Martin Harris belonged to more than thirteen denominations throughout his life.  The Cambellites in Pennsylvania being one of them.  Before he became a Mormon he belonged to at least five denominations and after his excommunication from the LDS Church he joined another eight.  He eventually rejoined the LDS faith and moved to Utah in 1870 and was rebaptized.  (“Martin Harris: Mormonism’s Early Convert,” Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 19 (Winter 1986):30-34.).  Also see Encyclopedia of Mormonism, pg.

David Whitmer; Whitmer was excommunicated on April 13, 1838 for “possessing the same spirit with the Dissenters”.

From Encyclopedia of Mormonism, pg. 1565; “A year before his death Whitmer wrote a pamphlet, An Address to All Believers in Christ (1887), apparently to justify his separation from the Church. In the pamphlet, he again gave witness to the truth of the Book of Mormon, but claimed that Joseph Smith drifted into errors after completing the translation. Whitmer rejected many later developments in the Church, such as the offices of high priest and prophet, seer, and revelator; the Doctrine and Covenants; and the doctrines of gathering and of plural marriage.

Christian Whitmer; Baptized into church April 11, 1830.  Died Nov. 27, 1835.

Jacob Whitmer; Baptized April 11, 1830.  In 1838 he voluntarily left the Church.  He died on April 21, 1856.

Peter Whitmer, Jr.; Baptized on June 9, 1830.  He died on Sept. 22, 1836, almost two years before his family was excommunicated.

John Whitmer; Baptized in June 1829.  He was ex-communicated April 12, 1838.

Hiram Page (brother-in-law of Joe Smith, jr.); Baptized on April 11, 1830 and voluntarily left the Church in 1838.

Joseph Smith, Sr. (father of Joe Smith); Baptized into church on April 6, 1830.  Died in 1840.

Hyrum Smith (brother of Joe Smith, Jr.); He was baptized in June 1829.  Died in June 1844.

Samuel Harrison Smith (brother of Joe Smith, Jr.); Baptized into church May 25, 1829.  Became a Mason in 1842.  Died July 30, 1844.

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