Ed DeckerI’ve been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks now so before more time slips away from me I’m posting Ed’s newsletter today!

I found that his section on the Hindus at BYU was rather interesting in light of the festival that was recently held in Spanish Fork. The Utah Hindu Fest held earlier this year had its largest attendance ever and BYU students made up the largest portion of attendees. Sadly, Utah holds the title for hosting the largest Hindu fests in the nation.  Nice.

Be sure you check out the great insights Ed had in his latest newsletter!

Saints AliveFunny You Should Mention That.

Funny how something triggers an old memory that had been lost in time.

A Ministry friend, Bill, sent me a copy of a Mormon woman’s blog in which she shared why she was a member.  I told him that if I did respond to the reasons she listed, the blog readers would instantly turn it into all the things Mormons hate about me instead of dealing with my responses to her points.

However, her key reason for being so attracted initially to the Mormon Church hit me like a brick.  She said:

I still remember the smell of the chapel as I sat down five years ago.  

It was a scent l I hadn’t smelled before–a scent that I’ve since gotten used to. The walls were bare except for some paintings of Christ and people I didn’t recognize and I wondered briefly where the crosses were. I remember touching the broken spine of a hymnal and only recognizing one or two hymns inside. 

It was different. Somewhat strange. It was my first time in an LDS chapel and I had just turned 19. But I like looking back at that day. It was that day–before I even read the Book of Mormon–that I chose to be a Latter-day Saint.

Her comments reminded me of a time when I was in the Philippines with Dr. Ron Carlson and we visited a Buddhist Temple.  There was a wonderful, low-key fruit-like scent that permeated the place and it was quite pronounced.

A year or so later, I was alone in Salt Lake City for a day and I went to the Temple Square visitors.’  Avoiding all the missionaries and helpers, I went through the place and eventually worked my way downstairs and sat quietly through all the presentations. All alone.  So quiet.

Finally, I went around a corner toward an escalator that went to the main floor.  Sitting there in a chair in a little alcove was a little, white haired, elderly lady who had fallen asleep at her post.  She looked so sweet.

I smiled and walked quietly past her, not wanting to wake her nor did I want to enter into any conversation that might offend her.

I stepped on the escalator and it started up from there. I had only gone a short way when the thing came to a loud clunking stop that woke her up with a start.

She saw me and did the “Oh Dear I must have nodded off ” … and then as an afterthought, she smiled wistfully and said.

“I just love this post down here. There is such a sweet aroma that fills my lungs here.  Do you smell that scent. I think it is the presence of the Holy Spirit, don’t you? Have you ever noticed it anywhere else?”

I inhaled deeply and knew that scent instantly. I said, quite softly, “Yes, It is the exact same scent I smelled in a Buddhist temple in the Philippines.”

She rocked back in her chair and said, “Oh, My!”

And the escalator started up at that instant and I ascended upward as she watched me go out of sight.  I thought, I think I  just had my own “Holy Spirit ‘ Moment.

 Have you had your Pay Lay Ale Today?

Hello, Mr. Decker,

My name is Molly and I formally resigned from the Mormon Church in 2011.  Though I came across your book “The God Makers” after the fact, I found support and validation that I needed.  I am very grateful to your efforts to help the Mormons.

I wanted to send you an e-mail to let you know something that I feel is very important to share with you.

In your chapter, “Astonishing Changes in the Temple”, you quote from the Sackett report.  His report, as quoted on page 81, says that the chant (Pay Lay Ale) associated with the Second Token of the Melchizedek Priesthood has been removed.

While this is true, the report has neglected to say that the chant had been replaced with another chant.

The chant is, “O, God, hear the words of my mouth”, repeated three times.

On page 82, Sackett is quoted as reporting that women are no longer required to veil their faces while being practicing the True Order of Prayer.

This is not true.  Women are still required to veil their faces.  In fact, every time I would not veil my face, I was prompted by a temple worker to do so.  Because I am hard-of-hearing and needed to watch the monitor for the sign language translation, I would meet with temple presidents to get special permission not to veil my face.

I hope you don’t mind this e-mail.  Please know that your own courage, alongside the courage of every other defender of the true faith, has helped me to feel courageous, too.  It took a very long time for me to stop fearing the Mormon Church.  I still struggle with that fear, but it is far more manageable now.    Sincerely, Molly

Dear Molly.

Thanks for your note and for the info on the temple changes.  I knew about the  “Oh God, hear the Words of my Mouth” but did not know about the veil issue. Thanks for letting me know.

These days, there are actual videos taken secretly by someone inside the temple and posted on YouTube for any and all to watch.

These days, anyone wanting to know about Mormonism can find hundreds of websites in every language and tone.. The Church is losing more members than they can gain… Several million have left in the last few years and a high majority of converts leave within the first year or so.

Now we spend more time dealing with those who have left than those going in.

When we began this ministry almost 40 years ago, we travelled through Utah like madmen, or so most of the Mormons thought.  Yet, seeds were planted that grew and kept growing as more and more ex-Mormons wrote and spoke about their lives.   I am so glad you have been set free.   Ed  

An After-note on The God of the LDS Temple

In an afterthought, if  “Oh God, hear the words of my mouth’ is the English translation for “Pay Lay Ale” in what we were told was the Adamic language, why bother?  Was it because local breweries were coming out with “Pale Ale” brand names? Or was it because they knew there was no such language to begin with?  Sort of like “reformed Egyptian”, another make believe language that never was?

However, in actual Old Testament Hebrew, it may be translated to mean “Marvelous false god!”


Why do Temple Mormons, in the Endowment, continue to wear the green fig-leaf apron which Lucifer inspired and God rejected?

In the garden sequence of the Temple Ceremony, the participants listen to Lucifer teach Mormon doctrine as he says there is no other way to gain knowledge than to disobey Father and eat the fruit.

Adam learns that the Apron Lucifer wears symbolizes Satan’s power and Priesthoods. The Participants all place these aprons on as Lucifer directs Adam and Eve to put them on. The Aprons are worn throughout the entire Endowment, and this emblem of Lucifer covers both the sacred garment and the robes of the LDS “Holy Priesthood.” Why would anyone wear an Apron that is the emblem of Satanic power and priesthoods?

Later in the Ceremony, the initiates raise their arms and chant “Pay Lay Ale” three times. They are told these were the exact syllables Adam prayed. The Hebrew translation of these words can either be “Marvelous False god” or “Marvelous True God.”  Since 1990, they now say the English words, but remember that when they do Lucifer still answers, not God.

When Adam prayed, he believed what Lucifer taught and wore the Apron Lucifer said to wear. It’s no wonder Lucifer-the “god of the World”-answered! (Mormons often say there are many gods, but the only one they worship is the god of this world!)

If you are still not sure if they prayed to the false god or the True God, did you know that the chant has been changed? Until just before 1930, they chanted “Pale hale hale” or Pale ale ale.” What a coincidence! The direct Hebrew translation of “Pele Heylel” is “Marvelous Lucifer.”

Why did the LDS leaders remove this chant in April, 1990, after this Luciferian connection was revealed by former Mormons? Wasn’t the Temple Ceremony given as the pure and perfect revelation of God for the Saints?  Did God change his mind after this band other pagan parts of the ritual were made public?


Drop in and read this week’s report Where have all those Bibles Gone?

I grew up in the mountains and went to a one room school house the first 8 years, same room same teacher, Mrs. Jones.. There were 8 rows of desks..  1st grade at the window on the side facing the teacher. Fourth grade had the middle, near the potbelly stove.. That was a great grade to be in during the very cold winters..

Eighth grade got the windows again.   The school came with its own outhouse.. The firewood supplied by the families.. We had a water bucket with a scoop from the well in front of the building..    Walked every day about 2 miles.. In winter used snow shoes to get to school. One year I rode with my sister on a horse.

Never forgot it.  No fooling around with Mrs. Jones. you never did not do homework..  We always got out early during harvests  often took a week  off at that time.. We were so glad to get back to school after hauling crop in from 5 AM til after dark..

The one thing I do remember above all else was that we stood and pledged alliance to the flag every morning, then sat down and read the scriptures and prayed.  Yes, it was a public school. But local families, not the government, ran it.

Finding your own Hindu God at BYU

to assist you at this time of your life?  What?

Brigham Young University launches quiz on Hindu gods


“The Museum of Art of Mormon-run Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo (Utah) has launched a “quiz” on its website which finds your Hindu ishta-devata (favorite deity) after nine multiple-choice questions.

After one goes through questions asking one’s personality traits and paintings of Hindu deities like Krishna, Shiva, Rama; it “calculates” and tells your favorite Hindu deity, which can be Shiva, Lakshmi, etc. “Complete this quiz to discover which benevolent Hindu god may best assist you at this time in your life”, website announcement states.

This “quiz” is part of Museum’s Hindu-themed exhibition dedicated to Hindu deity Vishnu titled “Loving Devotion: Visions of Vishnu”, which will run till March 21 next, and which: “illuminates the rich heritage and symbolism of Hindu worship in the lives of believers”…”focusing on images of Vishnu and Krishna” …”reveals the depth and intimacy of their relationship towards the divine”…”through powerful images of these Gods inscribed on stone, in bronze or in paintings, worshippers and viewers alike are invited to learn that god is love and not fear”.

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