DVD Distribution near Mormon Temple

15 January

This morning I awoke to a news alert from Google directing me to a story in the Salt Lake Tribune.  The headlines of the story read like a Mormon probably picked the title and if not Mormon, then they’ve been in Utah too long and picked up the lingo of the locals.

Concerned Christians produced and distributed 5,000 DVDs (The Bible vs. Joseph Smith) showing the contradictions between the Bible and Mormonism. 

The problem I have with all this is the way even the liberal Salt Lake Tribune arbitrarily decided what’s good and what isn’t.

You’d think they might find a problem with their grammatical choices by the response the Church gave out.  The Church hasn’t seen it but they know it’s a lie.  So because the Church says that Concerned Christians is lying and the Church says it’s “Anti-Mormon”, they’re right and no further investigation is needed?  Why didn’t they question the spokeswoman of the Church about her statement?

Whatever happened to good journalistic skills?

For the record – we’re praying for Andy and the entire staff at Concerned Christians.  Experience has taught me personally with handing out DVD’s and other informative materials in bulk like this, there will indeed be Mormons who come to know the truth.  Praise God!

Michelle Grim

Concerned Christians website:


You can see the Trib’s article here:


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