While perusing the LDS website earlier this week, we came across an interesting article. The Church reminded members their apostles have Instagram, and other social network platforms from which they send out quick messages.

Just to make it clear, our hearts hurt for Mr. Oaks. He’s either very deceived in believing there’s nothing wrong with the hypocritical behavior of the Church, or he’s complicit in spreading the lies and confusion on to members. Or both.

There are two concerns about Mr. Oaks’ message ~

1. What he said is high blasphemy.

‘All men and women on the earth are the offspring of God—spirit brothers and sisters. What a powerful idea! No wonder God’s Only Begotten Son commanded us to love one another. If only we would do so! What a different world it would be if brotherly and sisterly love and unselfish assistance could transcend all boundaries of nation, creed, and color…’

There is nothing in the Bible suggesting God had sex with a resurrected female spirit to produce spirit babies. In fact, Jesus said no man has ascended into heaven but Him! John 3:13

2. Mr. Oaks’ jacket screams hypocrisy. If God really told their prophet to stop using the word ‘Mormon’, why is an apostle of their church still wearing something with that word on it?

To read Mr. Oaks’ message in full see Dallin Oaks Instagram.

Be sure to ask the Mormon you know what they think of this, and let them know you’re praying for them!

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18