Acts 5:41; “And they departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name.”

Duck DynastyWow if people thought Chick-filet ruffled feathers, Duck Dynasty “star”, Pastor Phil Robertson’s latest remarks brought that to a whole other level.   You can read about the latest gossip on every news site ever invented – ABC is just one of those.

Before I begin I want to make it perfectly clear that I personally don’t like the way Mr. Robertson phrased some things – in my opinion some of the words he chose to use were a bit graphic for my liking.   But as I’m going to state in this article, this is America and  everyone has freedom of speech.

Somehow America forgot what the true meaning of “freedom of speech” really is.  Somehow it only applies to what Hollywood and the media thinks it means.

The patriarch of the Duck Dynasty clan gave an interview to GQ Magazine this week and what he said ruffled more than a few people, but what’s noteworthy is the reaction of the Robertsons to all the hubbub.  The snide remarks and false accusations of who GLAAD and others think the Robertson’s are was like water off a duck’s back.  No effect.  No reaction.  No news.

So with my puns behind us (sorry!) let’s take a look at what this is really about.  Christianity and freedom of speech.

What the pastor said was nothing new for those of us who are Christians. People who don’t accept God won’t go to heaven.  If you live an outrageous lifestyle and don’t care then why is what a pastor said a big deal to you?

Why aren’t the rules of free speech the same across the board?

Why did A&E suspend Robertson from further shows?  Surely they were aware of his beliefs beforehand.  Are they caving just because someone disagreed with his belief in God?

GLAAD and other pro-homosexual groups are up in arms and I don’t understand why.  Today I watched an interview on CNN who invited the president of GLAAD to respond to Mr. Robertson’s comments. This man actually said Phil Robertson is racist as are all those people who believe in the Bible.

Sadly, the news anchor agreed and never corrected him or the other people on the panel who were ganging up on the true meaning of the Bible.  While my daughters were upset that everyone’s ganging up on what the pastor said, I told them those who do such things are proving the Bible true.  The Lord has told us it’ll get worse as we near the end and here we are!

Our defense as Christians is to rest in the Lord – take comfort in His words – know that you’re saved – know that His Holy Spirit resides inside you – remember the world hated Him before they hated you…

Christianity and believing in the One True God of the Bible has been under attack from the beginning so why wouldn’t it be now?  Memorize Acts 5:41.

Because I’m American to the core I strongly believe that freedom of speech should be defended all the time, for all people.  If you’d like to voice your opinion about your love of being gay, have at it.  This is America after all.  I expect the same respect and laws to be enforced for me and my beliefs as well. You don’t have to like what I believe in and you can even lie about what you think I believe in, but don’t ever expect me to cave and accept your beliefs and say that I’m not being tolerant.

I am tolerant.  Very much so in fact.  Because I don’t agree with a homosexual lifestyle doesn’t mean I’m homophobic.  I have many gay friends and a few gay relatives and I’m not afraid of any of them.  If you’re not Christian does that make you Christophobic?

The editor of the pro-gay periodical “Advocate” said people like Robertson are spreading bigotry and they don’t represent the majority of Christians.  I’ve got a newsflash for him.  The pastor does represent the viewpoints of many Christians. Does this man have proof the pastor is bigoted? If so where is it?  What exactly did he say or what did he do to prove your point?

Just sayin’…

Next week or next month this will all be old news.  Our society has a short attention span and are always on the hunt for new stuff to criticize. The Robertsons are just one of the millions of “hardcore” Christians who believes what God says is true and if the past is a reflection of our future it looks as if God’s people will always be here – just as God says.

In the meantime – Merry Christmas!  And I sincerely mean that!

With Love in Christ;

Michelle Grim