Dissenting Votes at General Conference

08 April

dnews SatAM.photo.cit   jaI came across an article on Fox News that reported on the 5 people who raised their hands in opposition to sustaining church leadership. It was the first time since the ‘80’s anyone has done this. Reaction from the Church was as you might expect – they just kept putzin’ right along.

When at least 5 people stood to oppose sustaining the highest officers of the Church, other people could be heard shouting at the dissenters.

Mr. Uchtdorf, 2nd Counselor of the First Presidency, noted the opposition and then stated those who oppose should contact their Stake Presidents. Yeah…okay…

From the report on Fox News some people thought that giving an opposing vote wasn’t the time or place to do so. I’m wondering…if they’re taking a vote for yays and nays and you don’t agree, when is the other time to oppose in a corporate church setting?

We’re praying for those who stood up in protest and for every Mormon who either saw it or heard about it afterwards. We pray they have the courage to begin asking themselves questions and have the same fortitude those who stood up had last weekend.

You can read the Fox News story here along with the video they provided as well.

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