Joseph Smith Greatest American of All Time?



Joseph Smith Jr. Voted by Discovery Chanel as 43rd Greatest American
of All-Time

It was as inevitable as it was unfortunate, but Discovery Channel not only included Mormon fraud and founder, Joseph Smith, Jr. in their list of the 100  “Greatest”  Americans but actually listed him #43 over all in the voting.

While the debate will rage on about what “great” really means (sort of like famous vs. infamous), Joseph Smith was included in the Greatest American promotion by the cable network, much to the delight of Mormons everywhere.

Read of the results here.

The crusade to see him promoted only proves and underscores what outsiders already know about the Mormon Church; it’s all about Joseph not Jesus.  Why the facination with the prophet instead of the Lord? Perhaps when you elevate yourself to the status of “Judge Pro Tem”, and you add in many beleivers who don’t search for the truth themselves, instead believing what they have always been told, you have the proper ingredients for what has become Mormonism — the greatest religious fraud in the last 2000 years. Perhaps Joseph really was great at something after all.

The following email is authentic. It is an example of many like it being circulated by members of the Mormon Church to see that Joseph Smith is voted the greatest Americans of all time. Joseph Smith attempted murder, smashed printing presses, burned down buildings, illegally formed and led a militias and committed bigamy.  And these where his good qualities. The only thing new that Discovery Channel provided to its audience was the Joseph once ran for president.  We at Life After Ministries call on Discovery Channel journalists to do their homework next time they decide to nominate a 17th century terrorist as Greatest American of all time.

Subject: LDS please vote here!!

This is a wonderful opportunity!
I don’t intend to make a practice of passing on a lot of emails and cluttering your inbox with unwanted “stuff”. But I thought this was a great
opportunity to have Joseph Smith, Jr., the Prophet of the Restoration of our Church recognized and to maybe have it result in some missionary opportunities. Who knows what could happen?

You probably have heard or seen this somewhere before, but the time is drawing to a close to vote. I think it would be an honor to have him thus honored.

Discovery Channel is holding a nationwide vote to find out who the Greatest American is of all time. When you think of the Greatest American, what single person — living or dead — comes to mind as it’s best example? Someone who seized opportunities, saw things in a different way, or stood out in a crowd? Someone who demonstrated determination, vision, and hard work? These are the questions that the Discovery Channel is asking Americans, and you have until January 31st, 2005 to cast your vote. Then, in May 2005, the Discovery Channel will have a special program listing from 100-1 all the the top Americans according to the voting results.

Wouldn’t it be great to have Joseph Smith, Jr. as one of those 100 people? Or, even better to have him listed in the top 25? This year is the 175th Anniversary of the Organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and the 200th Anniversary of the Prophet Joseph Smith’s birthday. How appropriate would it be if he were listed by the Discovery Channel as one of the top American’s of all time?

I dare say that it would be very appropriate and wonderful to see him included in that list.

The only way it can happen though, is for you and any other LDS friend you have to vote for him. Please forward this email to every Mormon you know so that we can show the world that Joseph Smith, Jun. is a Great American and truly made a difference in the world. Click below to go to the Discovery Channel website to cast your vote. You are given the chance to put in 5 entries and to vote 3 times so be sure to use all of your chances! Remember, enter the correct name of Joseph Smith, Jr.

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