Yesterday, the Mormon world was all abuzz after hearing that their leader Russell M. Nelson, announced  the Lord no longer wanted them to use the name “Mormon” to describe their church, or its members. President Nelson said, “The Lord has impressed upon my mind the importance of the name” (Deseret News)

To that I say, “really”? When we look how crazy, violent and immoral this world is becoming and that is the thing the Lord is concerned about? This is the message the Lord wants his prophet to convey to the world, how the Mormon Church should be addressed?

As I think about this a few questions come to mind-

How are they going to enforce this with the media and social media? Will there be threats of lawsuits if people don’t comply? Will those who have pages on places like Facebook with the name Mormon in the title have to change the name in compliance to the wishes of the church leadership?

What about web sites owned and maintained by the Mormon Church itself, such as,, or even their very own Mormon Tabernacle Choir, are they going to change its name as well?

The Mormon Newsroom gave some points on what the church should/should not be called, and why. As I read over it I found a couple of points very interesting:

“When a shortened reference is needed, the terms “the Church” or the “Church of Jesus Christ” are encouraged. The “restored Church of Jesus Christ” is also accurate and encouraged.”

What’s disturbing about this one is their suggestion of being referred to as “Church of Jesus Christ”. This term is, and has been used to describe the body of Christ. Those who follow Him are part of His church. This doesn’t refer to a structural building, but to a group of people who worship and follow Him.

As a Mormon I can remember not wanting anything to do with what I know now as Biblical Christianly. I learned to think this way from the lessons I heard on Sunday, and the General Conference talks I listened to. I can clearly remember being taught to set ourselves apart from them, and not to have anything to do with Christian things.

However, in recent years it seems Mormons want to align themselves more with Christianity, all the while hanging onto the precepts of Mormonism. The church leadership wishing to be called the Church of Jesus Christ is a deceptive move. They don’t wish to be considered part of His church, but to only appear to be just like the body of Christ.

Another point I found interesting is this one:

“When referring to people or organizations that practice polygamy, it should be stated that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is not affiliated with polygamous groups.”

When I read this point I emailed Michelle and told her – Ah, isn’t Nelson a polygamist? I mean, if you look at how Mormons view of marriage he is married, and sealed to two different women. They can’t escape it, Mormonism is affiliated with polygamy. The only way they could begin to separate themselves from it would be to denounce the practice as being ungodly and not from God, and to stop allowing men to be sealed to more than one wife.

Instead of the church leadership being so concerned about a name maybe they should be more focused on other things like: the eternal salvation of its members, encouraging its members to study the bible, having meetings and classes that are centered around Jesus, and desiring its members to understand grace.

In Christ,

Melissa Grimes


Deseret News