Swearing Allegiance to False Memories

allen-haynie-first-quorum-seventyGeneral Conference, ‘Remembering in Whom We Have Trusted,’ October 2015; “Before we came to this earth, we participated as spirit sons and daughters of God in a grand council.2 Each of us was paying attention, and none of us fell asleep. In that council our Father in Heaven presented a plan. Because the plan preserved our agency and required that we learn from our own experience and not just from His, He knew we would commit sin. He also knew that sin would cause us to become unclean and unable to return to His presence…

Because our Father in Heaven loves us and has as His purpose “to bring to pass [our] immortality and eternal life,”3 His plan included the role of a Savior—someone who could help us become clean no matter how dirty we have become. When our Father in Heaven announced the need for a Savior, I believe all of us turned and looked at Jesus Christ, the Firstborn in the Spirit, the one who had progressed to the point of becoming like the Father.4 I believe all of us knew it had to be Him, that none of the rest of us could do it, but that He could and that He would…” – Allen D. Haynie

I’ve dubbed Mr. Haynie’s teaching at General Conference as ‘Swearing Allegiance to False Memories’ for obvious reasons. Most students of Mormonism, if not all, are acutely aware of the LDS doctrine that there is a ‘veil of forgetfulness’ the Mormon god puts over the memories of our life in the preexistence.

We’re asking Mormons to stop and think about this man’s teachings. By swearing these guys into their respected offices, you’re also taking an oath of allegiance to their ungodly teachings.

Because of this, we have a few questions for Mr. Haynie regarding his speech in October’s General Conference –

1.How does he (Haynie) know we didn’t fall asleep during the supposed ‘Grand Council’?

2.How does he know we all turned around and looked at Jesus?

3.How does he know we all knew it ‘had to be him’?

4.Why does this ‘grand council’ sound a lot like a high school pep rally?

5.How would we remember whom we’ve trusted when we can’t remember what we did there?

This Mormon doctrine is one of the many reasons I began questioning the Church. I never could understand why I wouldn’t have been valiant for Jesus in the preexistence when I knew I loved Him more than life itself here on earth. I was always taught my dark hair and eyes were proof I had rejected Jesus in the preexistence…oh brother…

And lest we forget – 1 Cor 15:44-47 contradicts what he’s taught here. We weren’t created spiritually before our bodies were formed.