Is This the Death Rattle of Mormonism? by Ed Decker

17 March

Ed DeckerMy good friend and mentor, Ed Decker, wrote a very insightful article earlier this month that I thought was so vital I’m posting it here with his permission.  I’ve often thought about the latest actions of the Church and wondered how long it’ll be before the empty halls of those temples echo.  Ed’s article concurs with my thoughts.  Interesting!

You can read his article here and also on the Saints Alive site here.

Is This the Death Rattle of Mormonism?

Ed Decker

This is an extremely important report of the coming ruin of the LDS Church as it has stood for almost over 180 years.

Please read it in full.  I know it is a bit longer than I would like, but so important. Check out all the references and give me your take on what is happening.  It is truly an extraordinary time in this ministry to Mormons.

The LDS Church released a statement recently regarding the nature of God, the exaltation of man and other sundry doctrines that have put the entire world of Christian apologetics ministries on a fast spin cycle.

News reports and blogs have been filled with articles saying that the LDS Church no longer knows or understands the final destiny of man and that they have never really claimed that those Mormons who earn their way to celestial glory will have their own planets to be gods and goddesses over.

The LDS Leaders say that foolish cartoon depictions such as our seven minute cartoon in The Godmakers movie that very accurately described the bedrock center of LDS doctrine of ”The Law of Eternal Progression” were demeaning and misrepresenting sacred spiritual things.

My former Mormon mind went into a damp, dark place as I read the many reports, even in LDS responses, that said, basically, “Wow, see, we really are Christians after all and being ‘like God’ really isn’t being a god.”

I wonder what all those temples will be used for now that the Mormons have lost the need for all the secret password stuff to get their own worlds to people and manage.

It was like a major theological shift took place overnight in some clandestine meeting where the LDS marketing people told the brethren that the whole gods and goddesses thing wasn’t working any more and members were leaving faster than the missionaries were reeling them in. It was time to make another major change in the story line.  Once again, the brethren read the poll numbers and new revelation blew in the window.

That this has taken place is no surprise. I non-prophetically said years ago that one day they would be having altar calls in Ward ‘Sacrament’ meetings.  I never dreamed they would give up their polygamous godhoods.

I shook my head in semi-disbelief again when, in 2004, the then holy prophet, Gordon B. Hinkley spoke on The Larry King, Live national television and would not confirm the LDS doctrine that God was once a man. He had done the same thing in a Time Magazine report in 1997 when he answered,

“I don’t know that we teach it. I don’t know that we emphasize it. I

haven’t heard it discussed for a long time in public discourse. I don’t know.”

Apparently the prophet hadn’t read his own scripture proclaiming it. {Doctrines and Covenants 130: 22]. It was classic Mormon slip and slide.

When I was a Mormon, blacks were a cursed race that would never hold the Melchizedek priesthood and heaven forbid that they would ever be able to go through the temple endowments where we learn the steps, signs, tokens and secret words needed to enter celestial glory and godhood.  We knew this because our holy prophets told us that it was true.  [See African Americans and the LDS Church article]

When we went through the Temple Preparation class and learned how important the temple was for our personal exaltation/ godhood/procreating spirit babies and the ruling over our own worlds, we were told that the temple ritual was the very purest ritual of Christ and the early church, brought back by our holy prophets as the very core of the restoration.  It was perfect and unchangeable.

Of course, that was before the release of several of our films, The God Makers, The Temple of the God Makers and The Mormon Dilemma.  These films went with teams of ex-Mormons making the rounds of hundreds of Churches and public venues, actually demonstrating the temple rituals in full temple clothing, garments and all.

The came another suddenly.  All LDS temples closed without notice and when they re-opened, behold a new holy, perfect ritual was in place. This time, without the blood oaths and the ridicule of Christian pastors among numerous changes. [See Temple rituals]:

Without beating this to death, another strange suddenly popped up recently with regard to gay marriage. This was after pouring millions into the California ant-gay proposition 8 and decrying this evil amongst us from every LDS pulpit on California.

Suddenly, the gay agenda was fine with the brethren. It was also OK to be a Gay Boy Scouts and even OK to march as church groups in Gay Pride Parades. Then, down from celestial heights, came the new revelation that it was ok to ordain gays in the priesthood and assign them church leadership callings, even as scout leaders.

I say all this to bring this new reverse revelation into proper perspective. I subscribe to many official and unofficial LDS sites, blogs and news feeds.  It gives me a perspective from their point of view and is a good balance. They are all over the map on this one.

The Mormon world with its infallible word of god through its holy prophets and spiritual leaders has finally tilted out of its divine orbit. The very core of its existence, the reason for its  “restoration of all things” has now erupted and is spewing surrender across the earth.

Was it the marvelous research and exposure by the hundreds of knowledgeable former Mormons like Ed Decker and Saints Alive or Jim Spencer’s extremely accurate reports on his Maze of Mormonism website. Did that best selling book, The God Makers by Hunt/Decker finally sink in?

No. I think all these things and especially the volumes of material available on the Internet have ripped huge break in the LDS dike.

But I would guess the thing that has brought the LDS Church to its knees is a nationally acclaimed Broadway play called, The Book of Mormon.”

I found it quite strange that official LDS sites and news feeds would actually promote and even publish scheduled showings for the play. If you have seen the play, you may understand my position.  It is a satire, mocking the LDS beliefs, including magic underwear and godhood. It contains foul and lewd language.

I would never, as a church leader, promote some worldly play that mocks my faith in a manner such as this does the Mormon faith.

Acting on the axiom of   “If you can’t beat them, join them.” The LDS brethren opened the door of complete compromise and in doing so, publicly gave up its lifeblood, the centuries old doctrine of personal purity and godhood. “As Man is, God once was; as god is man may become.”

It is the removal of the final separation of Mormonism from general Christianity.  I suggest you read [The Emergent Mormon Church]: for more detail on this.

But wait, as they say in those torturous TV infomercials. There is more! These Mormon leaders and PR guys are very slick.  What they say to their people and the public isn’t always the inside truth.  I want you to read the actual report that has triggered all of this and tell me what it really says: Becoming Like God

The great Mormon empire the Kingdom of God on Earth, is crumbling from within, where its leaders no longer lead but wanting to be acceptable and liked, follow the rushing tide of ungodliness that is consuming the earth in the last days.

Our calling is now to reach out to the survivors, its victims and bring them the love of the real Jesus and introduce them to the only true God and that peace that will pass all understanding.


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