Today is the day in Mormon history where all members of the LDS Church stop to remember their founder, Joseph Smith, Jr.

Today’s date in the annals of Mormonism is as important to them as the birth of Christ, and Joe Smith’s birth.

Several years ago Kirk and I went on a couple of missions trips to Nauvoo, and Carthage, Illinois.

The production they display for their founder is something to behold if you ever have the opportunity to visit there. While they have the huge Miracle Pageant they put on a massive stage with dozens of actors, there’s also other little noteworthy side trips to see.

After visiting the temple, and the Visitor’s Center, we made a trip a little south to see where it was that Smith and his brother Hyrum, died in the notorious gunfight. This is something not to miss as a tour of the facilities is guided by an LDS missionary who gives detailed accounts of what took place in each room in the jailhouse.

Kirk and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask questions at the end, and to be fair you could tell by their demeanor that our questions caught them off guard, as they hurried to jump to Smith’s defense.

We asked why Smith was in jail to begin with, putting him in a vulnerable position. The young female missionary candidly explained it was because Smith had burned down the printing press.

When we asked why he did such a thing, her answer was quick and sharp. With hands on her hips she replied, ‘Well, they printed mean things about him’.

Our hearts are as sad today as they were then, listening to this young girl’s explanation.

As members flock to their beloved founder’s death spot this week, please, remember to pray for the missionaries giving their tours, and those in the audience listening to them.

The graph on the left shows side-by-side accounts of the last week of life for both Jesus and Joseph Smith. Kindly remind the Mormon in your life of the differences, and pray they open their eyes to truth!

For more info on the death of Joseph Smith, see ‘Martyrdom’ of Joseph Smith.