For all intents and purposes the activities of Joseph Smith, and early Mormonism are still in action today. All one has to do is check out their latest paper, or in this case, the Rolling Stone Magazine.

What seemed like a horror story from long ago, was lived out in real life this week. Think blood atonement…

The self-proclaimed leader/prophet, Orson William Black, an unhappy member of the FLDS (Fundamental Latter-day Saints) Church was arrested on November 8, 2017, on suspicion of murder.

The three male victims ages 15-19 were found dead from gunshot wounds resembling an execution-style massacre. Two of the young men are thought to be Black’s own children, and the third a stepson. All three were found near Black’s property on the outskirts of Chihuahua, Mexico where Black has essentially been hiding out for the past several years after escaping a raid on his home in Utah.

Mexican authorities became suspicious after calling Black and other family to come identify the bodies, and no one would claim them.

Warren Jeffs, the leader of the FLDS clan sits in a Texas prison serving a life sentence, plus 20 yrs. His brother Lyle, was recently rearrested after being on the lam for Food Stamp Fraud. He pled guilty to those charges and will probably receive 3-5 yrs prison time.

And they wonder why…hmmm…