Christian God v. Mormon god

12 January

Kneeling at the CrossIf nothing else comes through our posts, let it be this one. It’s a warning for the body of Christ; beware dear ones, beware!

The LDS Church published an article this month serving as a reminder their tactics haven’t changed over the past 185 years. Their montage of attacks against the body of Christ is still the same stuff, on a different day. Because of its length we’re looking at only a part of this today, but will revisit it again.

Here in part is what Mr. Holland said –

Liahona, ‘Knowing the Godhead,’ January 2016

The Prophet Joseph Smith said, “It is the first principle of the gospel to know for a certainty theJeffrey Holland character of God.”1 Furthermore, he added, “I want you all to know Him, and to be familiar with Him.”2 We must have “a correct idea of his … perfections, and attributes” and an admiration for “the excellency of [His] character.”3

I wish to expand the Prophet’s challenge to us and say that we and our missionaries, our members, and our investigators must know for a certainty the character of the members of the Godhead. We must have a correct idea of Their individual perfections and attributes and an admiration for the excellency of Their personal character.


Why do they sound detached from the Lord? This directive from Jeffrey Holland doesn’t sound like the kind words of a Christian pastor who’s preaching on how great the Lord is! When was the last time you referred to God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit as ‘members of the Godhead’?

Christian Confusion

Regarding the distinct nature of these Divine Beings, our latter-day revelations teach that “the Father has a body of flesh and bones as tangible as man’s; the Son also; but the Holy Ghost has not a body of flesh and bones, but is a personage of Spirit” (D&C 130:22).

Case in point is the way they’ve referred to God. What Christian do you know that refers to the Lord as a ‘divine being’?
God isn’t a ‘being’. God is God and not a being that’s been created.

Do you know of any Christian who believes God and Jesus are separate physical entities?

What Christian do you know that bashes other Christians?

Why are they speaking like this about other members in the body of Christ? The link embedded in the heading above ‘Christian confusion’, is a website about the Mormon version of who Jesus is and how we can all go back to live with a heavenly father.

… unfortunately, nearly two millennia of Christian history have sown terrible confusion and near-fatal error in this regard. Many evolutions and iterations of religious creeds have greatly distorted the simple clarity of true doctrine, declaring the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost to be abstract, absolute, transcendent, immanent, consubstantial, coeternal, and unknowable; without body, parts, or passions; and dwelling outside space and time.

Specifically, what confusion has been sown? There is nothing here but damning allegations bereft of any substance that reaches out to the body of Christ showing an error in their ways. Using Christian terminology to describe the Christian God isn’t proof that Christians are wrong.

As Dr. Walter Martin always said – ‘Use demonstrative evidence, not emotional sabotage’.

In such creeds, all three members are separate persons, but they are a single being, the oft-noted “mystery of the trinity.” They are three distinct persons, yet not three Gods but one. All three persons are incomprehensible, yet it is one God who is incomprehensible.

We agree with our critics on at least that point—that such a formulation for divinity is incomprehensible.

And here we go.

Using Christian terminology to bash Christians isn’t all that great of an idea. Christians often say that God is incomprehensible because He’s GOD and we are not!

How sad for the Mormons who believe they can know God in the fullest sense of Who He is. Our Lord tells us in the Bible that His ways are unsearchable. Are they refuting this?

Romans 11:33 “O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!”

How are we to trust, love, and worship, to say nothing of striving to be like, One who is incomprehensible and unknowable? …

There’s a difference between being godly and ‘like God’. Mormons believe they’ll become a god, which of course is unbiblical from the get-go. Isaiah 43:10-11 tells us there is no other God.

We trust God based on the history of who He’s shown Himself to be to us. From the beginning of time to now, God has had an interpersonal relationship with man.

The bottom line in all this is that either you believe what the Bible has said, or you don’t. Christians believe what God has revealed in His word, and have taken it to heart – literally. The things He’s told us in His word has seeped into our very being from which we won’t turn. 2 Tim. 1:12

Tragically, Mormons don’t believe the Bible, and therefore, have no reference point from which to anchor themselves.

We trusted Him first because of what is revealed in His word, and then as we live out our lives we apply those scriptures into our personal experiences. This is how our trust in Him is played out in life and built up over time.

For those who believe the Mormons only used hateful speech and drove wedges between them and us, let this be an example of how wrong that theory is. They’re still doing what they’ve been doing for almost two centuries now.

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