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Episode 3 Mormon Temple Video Welcome to Mitt Romney’s World

30 January

Episode 3 Welcome to Mitt Romney’s World The 2012 elections might be over, but the every day duties and rituals of the Mormon people continues on uninterrupted. Unaware of the problem of taking oaths out to this god in the alabaster temples will incur upon their souls, they dutifully obey and promise death upon themselves […]

Episode 4: Mormon Temple Baptisms for the Dead (made w/ hidden camera)

17 August

Baptisms for the Dead As Paul asked the Corinthians, why are you doing this if you don’t believe in the resurrection – 1 Cor. 15:29 – so we’re asking the Mormon people; Why do you call yourself Christians if you don’t believe God’s Holy Spirit resides inside you, negating the need for a temple built with hands? Acts […]