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Sliding Scale Temple Recommends

30 January

Today we’re looking at an event in Mormon history that should be surprising, but sadly it’s not. A few days ago provided info on when the Church decided they should hand out temple recommends based on a sliding scale system. “110 years ago today – Jan 26, 1909 — [Joseph F. Smith Presidency]  … Where elderly […]

1990 Temple Oath Changes Placed Mormonism Under Curse of the Mormon God

13 August

Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, p. 169; “REMARKS ON PRIESTHOOD At the Conference, October, 1840…Ordinances Always the Same … Now the purpose in Himself in the winding up scene of the last dispensation is that all things pertaining to that dispensation should be conducted precisely in accordance with the preceding dispensations. … Cain also being authorized […]

Redeeming the Dead Essential to Your Salvation

05 February

Church News, ‘Family History Blesses the Living as Well as the Dead,’ 24 February 2015; “Building the family is at the center of the plan of salvation, the leaders taught. On the other side of the veil, individuals will be organized into families through ordinances that take place in temples. Because of the importance of […]

Ancestor Worship or Temple Worship?

30 January

Today we’re looking at the definition of worship in three different settings. The reason for this stems from the repeated articles on LDS websites directing members to be diligent in their temple work. Two examples can be seen in the seminars they hold, and directives telling bishops to install teenagers as ‘family history consultants’ for […]