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Thought of the Day about Spirit Babies

06 January

Mormonism teaches upon exaltation, men will become gods of their own planets. See Mormon Dilemma 384. Brigham Young taught that after men receive their own planet, they’re able to procreate with an exalted goddess wife, and beget spirit children. Journal of Discourses 6:275; “After men have got their exaltations and their crowns—have become Gods, even the […]

The Making of Mormon Spirit Babies

04 April

Making Mormon Spirit Babies  By Ed Decker, Saints Alive Ministries  & Michelle Grim, Life After Ministries Several years ago (2009?) I was on the phone with my good friend Ed Decker and we began talking about the impossibilities of godhood status and populating our own planets one day. So in that conversation we […]