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Mormon Missionary Discussions Part 6

22 October

Discussion 6 – Membership in the Kingdom  (This is the last, and finale Discussion investigators receive before becoming baptized members of the Church.) There are six principles the missionaries discuss in this lesson, they are: “The Roles of Jesus Christ in the Plan of Salvation” “Exaltation Through Christ and his Church” “The Mission of the […]

Mormon Missionary Discussions – Part 5

14 October

Discussion 5 – Living a Christlike Life There are four principles discussed with the investigator in this lesson they are: The Two Great Commandments Sacrifice Brings Blessings Fasting and Fast Offerings Tithing Judging by the title of the discussion and the principles it teaches, I think we can safely say the lesson the investigators are […]

Mormon Missionary Discussions – Part 4

08 October

Discussion 4 – Eternal Progression During this discussion investigators will learn a little more about the Mormon doctrine of Eternal Progression, in other words, how they can eventually become a god. There are seven principles the investigators are taught in this lesson, they are: Our Premortal Life Mortal Life on Earth Life After Death Work […]

Mormon Missionary Discussions – Part 3

29 September

The Restoration Once again before getting into the discussion, missionaries are to ask the investigators for a commitment to be baptized. In the instructions, missionaries read – “If the investigators have not yet committed themselves to be baptized or have not yet attended Church meetings, these commitments must be among your major objectives for this […]

Mormon Missionary Discussions – Part 1

06 September

Discussion 1 – The Plan of our Heavenly Father The discussion lays the foundation for the discussions. Investigators are taught about God (Heavenly Father), and Jesus. They are then introduced to Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. The six principles investigators learn about in this lesson are: The plan of our Heavenly Father The […]