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How and Why The Wentworth Letter Exposes Joseph Smith’s Fraud

24 September

The Wentworth Letter is worth its weight in gold, if you will. It provided proof Smith couldn’t possibly be the recipient of the revelations he purportedly received. What’s so shocking about this is how the Church has deemed it ‘One of the choicest inspired documents ever written’. (Mormon Doctrine, p. 834.) To summarize, the Wentworth […]

LDS Historian: Internet Changed the Way Church Handles History

10 August

I read an article on the Wheat & Tares’ website that so intrigued me I thought I’d share it for our daily post today. Woo-hoo! The Wheat & Tares’ site is pro-Mormon that provides the latest info on the Church, including controversies. Although I don’t agree with their ideologies, I like perusing it to see […]