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Mormon Ads and Getty Images

02 February

Mormon Ads and Getty Images Years ago there was a game show on television called Truth or Consequences. Ralph Edwards hosted the follies of what would happen when people didn’t give the right answer to some off the wall question being asked.  As it was, nothing tragic would happen if the contestant couldn’t answer the […]

Thought of the Day about Mormonism and the Mormon Ads

13 January

Thought of the Day about Mormonism Their Advertising Campaign for Mitt and Jon According to the NY Times in November 2011, the Mormons hired two big name advertising agencies in 2009, Ogilvy and Mather and Hall and Partners, to gather info on what people thought of Mormons.  For those who answered in the focus groups […]

New Mormon Ad Campaign

06 September

Okay here we go! As I was just visiting Ed Decker’s Christian Apologetic Facebook page I read an interesting article. The Mormon Church is going on an all-out blitz of another advertising campaign and this time they’re not hitting just the television and radio airwaves. Yesterday bishops met in wards with their local congregations to […]

Mormon Ad Campaign

19 October

In the past month you may have noticed the new Mormon ads popping up during the commercial breaks of your favorite television shows. This new ad campaign is a nationwide endeavor by the Mormon Church to inform the world they’re just like everyone else. I find this very interesting considering the whole premise behind Mormonism […]