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25 May

If you’re looking for e-mails that come in for LAM, you’ve come to the right page!  We’re listing a handful of what we receive to give the Christians and/or non-Mormons an inside look at how Mormons correspond with those who are considered ‘antis’. We ask that as you read through these you’ll have empathy for those […]

Mailbag May 2014

24 May

Being in ministry brings blessings that go beyond what the English language is capable of  describing. And being in ministry also brings the flip side of that equation. I typically don’t bring attention to the rude hate mail we receive because I know it’s part of the job description with this type of ministry.  However, today […]

Our Mailbag

23 April

Our Mailbag We receive a fair amount of e-mail from our readers so we thought we’d share some of the correspondence with everyone!  As you can see some are heart-wrenching and others are sad because of the lack of knowing the Lord…