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The LDS’ 84,000 Endorsements of the Journal of Discourses

16 December

James 1:8 ‘A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.’  People are funny. Some will say one thing when professing just the opposite. Such is the case we have here today with the Mormon Church and their 26 volumes of discourses and lectures; the Journal of Discourses. While retrieving info for an update on some […]

Mormonism’s Love-Hate Relationship with the Journal of Discourses

22 October

For the first eighteen years of life I embraced my Mormon religious conviction with unabated loyalty. Shelving questions about the faith, I held tightly to the ideology while parroting the all-too popular belief ‘I’ll find out when I get there’. That was until. After I left Mormonism, and began working with Ed Decker, I brought […]