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False Prophecies of Joseph Smith and the Mormon Church

06 November

Lamanites Cursed Until All Gentiles Convert August 1889, Contributor 10:364; “The remnant of the Lamanites who are cursed below all humanity that we are acquainted with—who have been filled with the spirit of bloodshed which they have inherited from their fathers—they will embrace the Gospel in the due time of the Lord. They are of […]

Thought of the Day/False Prophecies of Joseph Smith

24 October

Garden of Eden How could the Garden of Eden be in Missouri when the Pearl of Great Price declares it was in the vicinity of Assyria with the Euphrates and Hiddekel Rivers running through it? (See P of GP Moses 3:14; D&C 116; Mormon Doctrine pgs. 19, 303; Doctrines of Salvation 3:74 and Genesis 2:8-15)