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30 June

 Today we’re looking at a talk LDS apostle, Neil Andersen, gave to the General Conference in 2014. Not only is this talk blasphemous, it makes it all the worse by specifically addressing this to Mormon kids. There’s simply no doubt they’ve venerated Joe Smith. Liahona, ‘Joseph Smith,’ November 2014 “Jesus Christ chose a holy man, a […]

No Other Name So Wide Spread as Joseph Smith

06 June

Gospel Doctrine, Chapter 25, p. 480 “THE PROPHET JOSEPH SMITH. Brother Woodruff, in the course of his remarks, made the assertion that Joseph Smith was the greatest prophet that has ever lived, of whom we have any knowledge, save and except Jesus Christ himself…Today there is not another man, perhaps, who has figured in religion, whose […]

Joseph Smith’s Questionable Activities

25 January

Joseph Smith had quite the reputation for all kinds of questionable activities. Most know him for his many wives, but there’s also the entrepreneurial side of Joe that usually ended in disaster. We’ve created a page as a repository for many of his get-rich-quick schemes, and other ill-fated deeds. The reason for creating another page […]

Joseph Smith’s Arrest for Attempted Murder

03 October — 170 years ago today – 1842 8 Aug. Joseph Smith is arrested as an accessory to the attempted murder of ex-Governor Lilburn Boggs. Nauvoo’s municipal court claims jurisdiction over Joseph Smith and discharges him….” – Quinn, D. Michael, The Mormon Hierarchy: Origins of Power, Appendix 7: Selected Chronology of the Church of Jesus Christ of […]