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Deceitful Lies at General Conference October 2015

04 March

Swearing Allegiance to False Memories General Conference, ‘Remembering in Whom We Have Trusted,’ October 2015; “Before we came to this earth, we participated as spirit sons and daughters of God in a grand council.2 Each of us was paying attention, and none of us fell asleep. In that council our Father in Heaven presented a plan. […]

Does Repentance Makes Man New?

03 December

Ensign, General Conference, General Priesthood Session, ‘Keep the Commandments,’ November 2015;“We have been infinitely blessed by the change that can only come through repentance made possible by the Atonement of Jesus Christ.” Our Savior died to provide you and me that blessed gift. Despite the fact that the path is difficult, the promise is real. […]

Is Mormonism Bringing You Closer to Christ?

02 December

Our question today isn’t rhetorical, rather, it stems from a comment made by LDS apostle Dieter Uchtdorf at the October 2015 General Conference. Couched in a long sermon, Mr. Uchtdorf said all members would benefit from asking themselves a series of questions to evaluate where they are in life. This way, he said, they’d also […]

Should You Give Joseph Smith a Break?

15 October

General Conference, ‘Faith Is Not by Chance, but by Choice,’ October 2015 LDS apostle, Neil Andersen gave a speech at the General Conference last week hammering home the importance of how their faith in ‘things not seen’ must override any negative thoughts, or facts, plaguing their minds. Faith can be a hard thing to come […]

General Conference First Presidency Message October 2015

14 October

FIRST PRESIDENCY MESSAGE, ‘Finish with Your Torch Still Lit,’ October 2015; “… …The Light That Never Dies Sometimes after stumbling, failing, or even giving up, we get discouraged and believe our light has gone out and our race is lost. But I testify that the Light of Christ cannot be extinguished. It shines in the […]

General Conference at a Glance October 2015

02 October

Today’s post is on the summary of what Mormons can expect to hear at General Conference this weekend, October 3-4, 2015. Somehow their insights still surprise me, even though I know they shouldn’t. The leader of their primary conference talked about the so-called divine nature everyone is endowed with, and with no apologies she compares […]