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LDS Leader Tells Members to Doubt Their Doubts

12 October

Disaffected Mormons are expected to “doubt their doubts” and overlook the mistakes of LDS leaders By Helen Radkey                                                                                October 10, 2013                                                                  […]

General Conference October 2013 Purchasing Your Way into Heaven

10 October

A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from a friend of mine that follows our blog asking me why the Church doesn’t divulge their financial statements. I responded that the Church hasn’t publicly released a financial statement for decades now. Several days later she forwarded an e-mail to me that she received from the […]

General Conference October 2013 The Role of Women in Mormonism

08 October

FYI: This article isn’t the typical article you’ll read from me. This article investigates the cold hard truth of the ancient practice of cult prostitution and the similarities of the Mormon dogma that sex is necessary for salvation. If you don’t want to read any further click the back button now. I’ve received more e-mails […]

General Conference October 2013 Mormon Membership Hits 15M

06 October

With bated breath (eye roll) we waited for the Salt Lake Tribune’s article to make its appearance giving us a synopsis of the talks presented at the semi-annual 183rd General Conference of the LDS Church.  So now that I have it in black and white I’m breaking this down to see for myself if the words of these […]