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Mormon Prophet’s Lies to Children: Jesus Paid for Sins in Gethsemane

01 April

The LDS references below came from a March 2019 article in The Friend Magazine. In case you’re unaware, this monthly periodical is written for an audience of young kids ages 3 – 12. The article had two parts to it, if you will. Both were written by their prophet, Russell M. Nelson. The first part was […]

Critical BoM History Missing in Children’s Magazine

25 June

A few months ago, the Church published an article in one of their youth magazines that gave us pause. Their explanation of historical events concerning the Book of Mormon were disingenuous at best, leaving us to wonder what purpose it serves in lying by omission to Mormon children. While the article itself deserves attention to […]

January 2017 Church History and Smith Family Lies Taught to LDS Children

16 January

Proverbs 12:22 “Lying lips are abomination to the Lord: But they that deal truly are his delight.”  Oh, be still my heart! That’s what I had to keep telling myself after reading the latest LDS Friend Magazine (January 2017). To be clear, few other topics in Mormonism will stop me in my tracks as this does. No one is a fan […]

Misinterpreting God’s Word is Sending the Wrong Message to LDS Kids

26 December

Friend, ‘Article of Faith 13,’ December 2015; An activity lesson in this month’s edition of the LDS Friend Magazine caught my attention today. The article challenged kids to memorize the 13th Article of Faith, which just so happens to be the longest of the 13 Articles of Faith. That in itself wasn’t the issue I […]