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Mormon E-mails November 2013

14 November

Below are a couple of the e-mails we’ve received this week.  The 2nd e-mail is actually part of an ongoing conversation with what looks like an LDS missionary. It’s not often we receive e-mails from LDS men referring to themselves as “elder” if they’re not a missionary.  It could be this gentleman isn’t one, but we […]


17 October

 E-mails October 16 2012 Here are some more e-mails to share with our readers what we’re seeing!  Remember to pray! From: judy Subject: question I recently went to a Baptism in the Mormon church.  I am curious why everyone, and i mean everyone, folds their arms over their midsection during prayer.  I asked my brother […]

Mormon E-mails

08 October

Mormon E-mails I thought I’d post an e-mail I received this morning because it reminded me of the posts we found on the website that wasn’t fond of Melissa’s article. I’m thinking the theme of General Conference must’ve been on the supposed fear of ex-Mormons. Here’s the e-mail and my response afterwards.  Remember to pray!

Mormon E-mails October 2012

03 October

Mormon E-mails First things first.  I’m asking our Christian friends to pray for those who’ve written into the ministry!  Each time I receive an e-mail I view it as a reminder to me from the Lord of what He did for me and how He literally saved my life. I’ve only listed the exchanges I’ve […]

Mormon E-mails November 2011

09 November

Mormon E-mails November 2011 The Mormon e-mails we’ve received in the past couple of months have been brutal.  I’m asking all our Christian friends and supporters to lift us in prayer during this time and pray for the Mormons as well.  For whatever reasons their correspondence with us has been less than stellar in the […]