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Thought of the Day about Mormonism and Intelligence as the Glory of God

08 November

“Seeking learning is a lifelong pursuit and one that increases our ability to serve the Lord.” – As I came across the above message put out by the Church I couldn’t help but think of those who are disabled.  Many of us either know of people or take care of those who aren’t able to […]

Thought of the Day about the LGBT Conference and Mormonism

17 September

What are they thinking??? Clad in street clothing with temple garments securely in place underneath, Steve Young, former quarterback of the San Francisco Forty-Niners, was a keynote speaker at a conference in Salt Lake City this past weekend. While that in itself has never caused me to take notice, this time was different. This get-together was for […]

Early American Revivals and the Book of Mormon

22 March

The Burned Over District  In early nineteenth century America a call for repentance swept across the country via the body of Christ just as it did some fifty years earlier with the First Great Awakening. It became obvious to many in the young fledgling country the Lord wanted their attention as growing pains kicked in to move […]