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Lies in the Testimony of the Book of Mormon Witnesses

10 October

If someone examines the testimony of the three Book of Mormon witnesses, the first thought one might have is how it comes across as sounding very official with their use of the phrase, ‘be it known’. In my personal experience with Mormonism, I elevated these men, making them superior to myself, and believed they were impeachable because […]

Conflicting Leadership Testimonies of Original and Modern LDS

09 October

Today we’re looking at testimonies of the original BoM witnesses and comparing them with testimonies of LDS authorities today. As you might imagine, we have a few questions! You can find the original testimony of the 3 witnesses in the front cover of every Book of Mormon and on their website. Why do the testimonies of […]

Why Does the Book of Mormon Contradict Mormonism?

08 October

Today we’re looking at three key doctrines of Mormonism listed in LDS canon. Our question is this: Why does the Book of Mormon, which is supposedly the most correct book on the face of the earth, contradict LDS doctrines? The subject matters we’re looking at are the Trinity, Jesus is God, and the immutability of […]