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Blood on Hands of Those Who Don’t Baptize Dead Relatives

28 October

Conference Report, ‘The Coming of Elijah,’ April 1965, p.113  “Unless the family of the righteous are thus sealed together from father to son and from mother to daughter back to Adam and from Adam to Christ and from Jesus Christ to God the Eternal Father, the purpose of earth life has been missed, and life […]

They’re Baaack. LDS Attempts at Unauthorized Baptisms of Famous People, Dead or Alive

25 December

Three days before Christmas I opened a Google-Alert e-mail to read about an all too familiar story in the Herald Extra. AP reporter, Brady McCombs, filed a report on Helen Radkey’s latest discovery of a chronic problem the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints seems to be plagued with. The necromantic practices of baptizing living […]

Baptisms for Dead = Usurping Jesus’ Judgment

17 September

General Conference, ‘Sharing Your Light,’ October 2014; “We will not be raising the dead as did the Savior, but we can bless the dead by finding their names for temple work. Then we will indeed raise them from their spirit prison and offer them the path of eternal life.” — Neill F. Marriott There are several […]

Redeeming the Dead Essential to Your Salvation

05 February

Church News, ‘Family History Blesses the Living as Well as the Dead,’ 24 February 2015; “Building the family is at the center of the plan of salvation, the leaders taught. On the other side of the veil, individuals will be organized into families through ordinances that take place in temples. Because of the importance of […]

Whom Do You Follow: Jesus or Joseph?

20 January

Introduction to Family History Student Manual, (2012), Chapter 7: Submitting Names for Temple Ordinances; “Elder Russell M. Nelson explained that a newly updated Family Search computer program facilitates family history work and helps Church members determine what temple ordinances have or have not been performed for each individual ancestor: “The Prophet Joseph Smith said, ‘The greatest responsibility […]

Posthumous Baptisms for Gandhi and Daniel Pearl

02 March

Posthumous Baptisms for the Dead This Time Around – Baptizing Mahatma Gandhi and Daniel Pearl In 2002 Wall Street Journalist Daniel Pearl was killed by terrorists in Pakistan. Fast forward about a decade and Helen Radkey finds the Mormon Church posthumously baptized Mr. Pearl in the summer of 2011 in a Mormon temple in Twin […]